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Here below are some events lined up for the coming years.

Past Events

Unveiling Hidden Truth

The Foundation, Bangalore

Hidden Truth - Raja Ravi Varma: The Inside Story

Many are the biographies written on Raja Ravi Varma. Indeed, such is the charisma of this multi-faceted personality that many more works on him could still be written in the future, each from a different perspective. [...]

Immortalizing Adornment

NGMA, Bangalore

Raja Ravi Varma Lithographs

The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation, in collaboration with National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru, conducted a special event on 10th March 2018. The Foundation returned to Raja Ravi Varma’s multidimensional legacy, his documenting adornment - both jewellery and textiles. Speaking on the subject was Dr Usha Balakrishnan. [...]

Bejewelled Soiree

gallery g, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Raja Ravi Varma Lithographs

November saw a slew of activity happen at the Foundation premises in Bengaluru. While The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation proudly announced its association with Google Arts & Culture, showcasing a virtual exhibit of numerous reproductions from the Ravi Varma Press, it also chose to commemorate the occasion by inviting eminent historian and jewellery expert Dr Usha Balakrishnan [...]

Beyond the Arch

gallery g, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Raja Ravi Varma Lithographs

Beyond The Arch, a short film, is a tribute to the birth place of Raja Ravi Varma, who was born M. R. Ry. Ravi Varma Koil Thampuran of Kilimanoor at Kilimanoor Palace, in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore. [...]

Enduring Consonances: A musical tribute to Raja Ravi Varma

Dr. Ambedkar Bhavana, Miller's Road, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore

Raja Ravi Varma Lithographs

The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation in association with the Maini Group conducted Enduring Consonances, an everlasting musical influence depicted in Raja Ravi Varma’s body of work to celebrate the completion of one of the Foundation having been formed. This featured Kishat, a philharmonic orchestra from Tripunithura, Kerala and was well attended by many Raja Ravi Varma fans and art lovers.

The press coverage can be found at The Hindu.

Heavenly Bodies

The Foundation office, Bangalore

Heavenly Bodies e-vite

Heavenly Bodies, an exclusive show of four of Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings, embellished by Olaf Van Cleef, belonging to the well-known Van Cleef jewellery family and a consultant at Cartier. The event, a pop-up store of sorts, included limited edition trays, mousepads and key stands all crafted for the occasion to enhance the masterpieces by Raja Ravi Varma, namely Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ahalya and Hamsa Damayanthi. [...]

Raja Ravi Varma & Japan

The Foundation office, Bangalore

Raja Ravi Varma

In recent years, reproductions from the Ravi Varma Press have been on public display at art exhibitions in Japan. In this lecture presentation Dr. Chie Fukuuchie-Ota introduced the audience to the presence of Ravi Varma in the art-sphere of Japan showcasing the vital role of collectors. This was also the Foundations first lecture/presentation that was showcased to a packed house. [...]

The Ivory Throne


The Ivory Throne - Manu Pillai

First time author and columnist Manu S Pillai in conversation with Ganesh V Shivaswamy, former Honorary Secretary of the Foundation. The Ivory Throne is a book that tells the story of the tumultuous saga of Sethu Lakshmi Bayi, the last queen of the House of Travancore. [...]

Inauguration of Foundation Office



Situated at Maini Sadan on Lavelle Road, the registered office of The Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation was inaugurated on the auspicious day of Dhanteras. A dedicated wall in the office showcases the objectives of the Foundation. [...]